If there is something important that you need to discuss with your significant other, but you're worried about how they will react, there are some places to have those tough conversations and some places where you should not. Cosmopolitan explains that if you want to break up with someone or define the relationship with them or have any other complicated conversation that there are some places to do that that are better than others.

  • On yours or theirs front porch instead of going inside, some conversations are best left outside. This is a place that is cozy and familiar, but also a little bit public, so if there is potential for a screaming match, hopefully the location will curb that.
  • In a park is a great spot if you are looking to define the relationship because again, it is public, but you're generally away from other people enough that you can have a private conversation to discuss your feelings. Being in nature can also help to relax you if you're nervous.
  • In the living room on the couch is someplace where you can admit to any infidelities. Not that I condone cheating in any way, but if something happened and you are going to fess up to it (which you always should), the living room while your partner is comfortable on the couch is a good spot to do it.

Some locations are really much better than others for certain conversations. You also never want to have any meaningful conversation at a bar while you're both drunk. Trust me on that one.

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