My husband and my son are dog whisperers. No, really. Neither has met a dog that they didn't instantly fall in love with, and no dog has ever met either of them and not fallen in love.

We visited my parents not too long ago and my toddler made a mad dash for a steep set of stairs. My parent's dog, Milo, sensed the danger and raced up the stairs, sitting at the top to prevent my son from going any further. John gave up his stair climbing quest and sat down on a step with his back to Milo. To let John know he was pleased with his behavior, Milo licked the back of John's head while John giggled like crazy.

That day, each time I'd catch a glimpse of my little boy playing with my parent's dog, I felt my heart swell a little bigger. I can't wait until my husband and I are able to give our son a dog of his own to grow up with. There's no doubt in my mind that my boy will love his pup with all of his heart.

And love our pets, we do. In a big way. According to Women's Health, by the end of 2017, it's estimated that as a nation, we'll have spent more than $69 billion dollars on our four-legged friends. And, it's not just toys and food we're lavishing on them. To show our affection, we're buying our pets everything from pet insurance to doggie massages.

Now that's love!

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