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You've all seen those "starter pack" memes right?

Basically someone finds a bunch of items that are considered essential for a type of person. Click here to take a look at what I mean.

Well, what would a Southern Tier starter pack look like?


Camouflage: The unofficial uniform of the Southern Tier. Not a bad thing at all. Hunting is probably the most popular activity in the area. If you really want to go all out, you could give the camouflage toilet paper below a try.

Credit: Joe's USA via Amazon
Credit: BigMouth Inc via Amazon


Anything Binghamton Rumble Ponies

It's the official baseball team of Binghamton. It's got a hardcore carousel horse on it. Enough said.

Credit: Katrina M Vaughn via Amazon

Rock Salt/Ice Melt

It snows for about six months of the year. Slipping in the driveway is no joke. I'm sure pretty much all homeowners have a bag of this sitting near the door.

Credit: Green Gobbler via Amazon

Snow Tires

Have you seen the roads in a Southern Tier winter?

Credit: Cooper Tire via Amazon

Dashboard Camera

I can't be the only one who has been cut off by some idiot driving on I-81, Prospect Mountain, Vestal Parkway, in downtown Binghamton, or on Main Street in Endicott. Pretty much a necessity for anyone in the Southern Tier for when that idiot finally hits your car.

Credit: APEMAN via Amazon

Seat Cushion for High School Football Games

Any given Friday night in the fall, half of any town is at a high school football game, and I've seen plenty of people with these bad boys right here.

Credit: AceLife via Amazon


Spiedie Marinade

Of course. We have a whole festival for spiedies. Each year, the Binghamton Rumble Ponies become the "Binghamton Spiedies". The Southern Tier eats, sleeps, and breathes spiedies. Everyone knows someone who swears makes the best spiedies. Let's hear it for our favorite summer cookout treat!

Credit: Lupo's via Amazon