Welcome to the year 2020 where for the first time in our lives we don't know whether or not Halloween is still on or if it has been or will be canceled. Where we don't really know if we'll even be able to take the kids out for trick-or-treating.

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What a strange, strange year this has been- better than any Hollywood Halloween movie storyline. Can you believe that as much as we didn't love the way our lives were pre-pandemic that we want to go back to those days so badly?

Whether you've decided you're going to wrap your kid in a bubble and go door to door for trick or treating or you're going to take them through a drive-through trunk-or-treat, you might be scrambling for costume ideas with no idea where to start.

Google dug through its trends to find out what costumes are most popular in the state of New York with a wonderful costume guide they call "Google Frightgeist." This would be a great place to start when searching for costume inspiration.

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