It’s Now Illegal to Stage A Car Crash for Insurance in NY
This is just becoming a crime?  Because I thought fraud was already a felony.
Apparently, according to news channel 6, staging a car for insurance fraud is now a crime which can be charged as a felony.  Seems to me like this should have been a thing all along...
Here is the toughest judge ever
Some judges are known for their compassion, and some are known for being tough on criminals. This judge might be the toughest one ever.
Anyone who is married will appreciate this story. And, they will feel the pain that this judge inflicted on this married guy...
This week's Dumb Criminal
If you want to be successful at anything, it is just as important that we do and NOT do certain things. But, I don't think our dumb criminal of the week, Dustin Abney got that memo.
Dumb criminal of the week
Sometimes hiding in the most obvious place is the best place to hind because no one will think to look there. But, I don't think that it is true in this case.
Meet this week's dumb criminal
I have never claimed to be the smartest person in the world, in fact, I am probably closer to the other end of the spectrum but criminal wins the award for our dumb criminal of the week.
Dumb criminal of the week
Unfortunately, there is no school for being a criminal. If there was, maybe we wouldn't have an award for the dumbest criminal of the week.