You can go to any city, county, or state in the country and find stereotypes. They're the things that often set a region apart from elsewhere and give it an identity to outsiders. Oftentimes, those things are not true, although, with most stereotypes, there's some truth to it.

New York State is no different. This state has a ton of stereotypes and preconceived notions that outsiders have. Are they true? Maybe to a degree, but for those who live here, they know many of them are fabricated.

Living in Buffalo and Western New York, I can definitely say many of the stereotypes are not true, especially for those who live on the opposite end of the state from New York City.

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New York State does not necessarily mean you live in one giant city. I've lost count of how many times people have said that or those who come to New York and are shocked by how much countryside there is. I mean, most of the state is countryside.

What are some stereotypes of New York you don't care for?

Here are seven stereotypes of New York State that most residents hate.

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