Sour Skittles and Original Skittles are some great tasting candies but now Skittles is trying to get creative with a completely new flavor. reported that it was rumored that Skittles Dips were going to be in store February 2020. From the looks of it, they jumped the gun and released it before the actual release date.

Now you're probably asking, "What are Skittles Dips?" Well, you are either going to like it or think it is gross like us. Skittles Dips are regular Skittles with a coating of creamy yogurt. reported that the candies have been seen in Florida and the people that have tried them say that they are "horrible."

An Instagram user, @FamilyFoodDude, posted a picture with a caption that definitely made us want to stay away from the Skittles Dips. "Just an awful, awful product. Bad texture, bad taste, bad idea."

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