You might not be dating anyone right now, but you certainly have a lot of love in your life if you have a pet. With pets, we love them unconditionally, and Bustle says that there are signs that your dog loves you just as much as you love them.

  • Becoming your shadow when you're home with them right up to the bathroom door and stepping on your feet as you're trying to put your shoes on to leave for the day, a dog who loves you will never give you any space.
  • Tail wagging and a wiggly butt tells you more about how your dog is feeling than anything else will. How happy your dog is feeling can be seen by how fast and uncontrollable their tail wagging is, so fret not if your dog cannot stop wagging their tail... they just love you!
  • Giving you kisses just like their mother licked them as a puppy is a definite sign of affection from them. Their breath might smell like their food or whatever they were digging at in the backyard, but just know that they love you so, so much.

Your pet depends on you for food, water, exercise and love, so they will shower you with affection because they love all that you do for them.

(via Bustle)

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