Syracuse's Dinosaur Bar-b-que opened its doors in 1988 and they've never looked back.

Now, the legendary eatery is looking forward with a brand new set of logos. According to, they hired the experts at CINSYR, an advertising agency that recently moved its operation from Cincinnatii to Syracuse. Here's a look at the new dinosaur on the restaurant's website:


The differences are evident in a comparison against the dinosaur depicted on bottles of the sauce you may have at home. He's gone from green to yellow. The food is now missing from the platter he holds and the flames coming off the platter have a sharper look.

The Dinosaur Bar-b-que brand began in Syracuse, and has expanded to seven locations, plus a presence in hundreds of grocery stores--not to mention t-shirts and other pieces of swag carrying the brand's imaging.

The credit for that original logo goes to a sketch by a woman that the Dinosaur's owner John Stage dated in the mid-1980s.

The Syracuse restaurant is still located at 246 West Willow Street, a stone's throw from the Syracuse Post-Standard newspaper building. The other locations are Rochester, Buffalo, Troy, Newark, Harlem and Brooklyn (in a former boxing club where Rubin "Hurricane" Carter once trained.) Illinois, Connecticut and Maryland also once had Dinosaurs.

What do you think of the new look?

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