There are A LOT of mysteries when it comes to Santa; how does he see everyone? how does he travel to each kid in one night? what if there's no fireplace? and how does he get down the chimney anyways?! Well a few of those questions have finally been answered by scientists, so you can give your kid(s) a real answer!!

Well a physicist at the University of Exeter in England... first of all, can we just say that THIS is what physicists are studying?! Santa.. a fictional character, why not study something beneficial to our planet maybe, i don't know!!!

Okay anyways... a scientist in England, Dr. Katy Sheen, calculated how Santa can could see each child in just one night, and whether or not he can actually fit down that chimney!

Dr. Sheen calculated that Santa has to travel at about 6.2 million miles-an-hour to get to every child. Now according to Einstein's theory of relativity, objects that travel at a high speed like that become compressed in size.

CHR1 via ThinkStock
CHR1 via ThinkStock

Basically Santa is traveling so fast that he and his sack of presents temporarily shrink down, meaning they can easily fit into a chimney!!!! That theory also explains why no one ever sees him, because at the speeds he's traveling, light waves get squashed and they become invisible to the human eye.

Tons of science talk I know, almost too much for me! But it's crazy to think that there is an actual scientific explanation for how Santa travels the way he does, but if I was a parent I think that would be the most difficult thing to explain!!!

Dr Sheen came up with the explanation after she wrote a letter to Santa Claus when she was seven asking why he never got older. She received a response that said it was ‘all magic’. Well apparently the future scientist wanted a more rational explanation, and finally found one for herself more than 25 years later!!

So now next time your kid asks you how Santa see everyone in one, how he fits down a chimney or why no one ever sees him... now you have a REAL answer and science to back you up!!


[VIA: DailyMail ]

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