Last year, Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha went sailing to the top of the charts together worldwide with their soaring collaboration, "In The Name Of Love."

This time around, Martin's enlisted another one of our favorite powerhouse singers bubbling under: "Be The One" beauty and early PopCrush Presents standout, Dua Lipa.

"Scared To Be Lonely," out today (Jan. 27), is an emotional, danceable deep-dive into a relationship that may or may not have already run its course.

"It was great at the very start, hands on each other / Couldn't stand to be far apart, closer the better," Dua croons at the top of the track before the s--t effectively hits the fan as the honeymoon phase abruptly comes to an end.

"Is it just our bodies? Are we both losing our minds? Is the only reason you're holding me tonight 'cause we're scared to be lonely?" she sings before the track dives into a big Garrix beat break.

Is it the most unique production in a post-"In The Name Of Love"/Chainsmokers world? Perhaps not — but it is yet another display of Dua's beyond excellent vocal chops, and with any luck, the kind of high profile collaboration that will help earn new fans and ignite even more excitement around her forthcoming debut LP.

Give "Scared To Be Lonely" a shot — if you're not too afraid, that is.

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