Are you looking to spend less money, trim the fat, quit wasting money? Well here are 5 small changes to make that won't even feel like a burden and you'll have some extra money lining those pockets!  

1. Rethink your subscription services. For instance many cable channels do you really watch each month? Do you really need all of those channels? You could go to a smaller plan that also has a smaller price tag. Also look at your cell phone bill. Do you really need as much data that is on your plan or minutes? How about magazine subscriptions? Do you really read all of them? Looking into these things in cutting back could save you hundreds of dollars each year.

2. Buy generic. Sometimes generic food is just the packaging and it's actually the same exact food as the name brand the only difference, the price.

3. Watch out with coupons. That seems weird right? You think I have a coupon that means I'm going to save money, but not necessarily. They often lead us to buy things that we don't really need or aren't the best deals.

4. Never pay full price. Most things go on sale at some point, so be patient and wait for that.

5. Don't buy add-ons. Like when you have to rent a car and they try to get you to buy extra insurance. You don't need extra insurance. They just make money off of that and frankly you're already covered under insurance if there happened to be an accident.

These five things won't require much sacrifice at all but could add up to big savings!