"Cow Cuddling" is the newest craze in stress reliever.

You read that right. People are paying upwards of $300 to cuddle with a bovine.

Mountain Horse Farm in Naples, NY is offering this unique experience.

The "Horse and Cow Experience" includes petting, cuddling, and brushing the animals.

According the the Mountain Horse Farm's website "Spending time with them in this way can comfort you when you are sad or go through grief, just by sharing their space and feeling their soft skin. It can give you clues about your own body language which will give answers to questions you may have about why people respond to you in certain ways. Interacting with them in this way commands your attention. Horses and cows are large animals and they are moving around freely so you automatically pay attention and be right in the moment. This type of focus is good for the soul and it's the perfect exercise in Mindfulness."

Cows also have naturally low heart rates and a higher body temperature than humans. These factor into the soothing feeling one can obtain through cuddling with them.

Interested in "Cow Cuddling?" Check out Mountain Horse Farm's website here.


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