Reddit is suspicious after a woman revealed she found her husband home early from work along with their babysitter freshly showered with wet hair.

In her post, the anonymous woman explained she had "hired a babysitter for my 5- and 3-year-old kids two weeks ago," as her "husband works shifts while I work long hours at a marketing company."

Things seemed to be going well until the woman returned home from work one day to an unusual scene.

"I came home at 6PM and noticed the babysitter's wet hair and new clothes," she shared with Reddit.

When she questioned the 24-year-old babysitter, the babysitter excused her appearance by claiming the kids had spilled milk on her clothes, so she took a quick shower while the husband watched the children.

"I was more confused that my husband was home when he had a shift to cover," the woman continued, adding she told the babysitter that she "didn't think it was appropriate of her to shower in my home like that."

"She argued that it was fine and that she had no choice and couldn't leave the milk on her like that," the woman continued, explaining the argument eventually caught the attention of her husband, who appeared from another room and immediately defended the babysitter.

"He said it was not as big of a deal as I was making it out to be, but I told the babysitter that I did not appreciate how she basically ignored how I felt about this and dismissed my feelings still," the woman wrote.

After the babysitter left, their argument resumed over the phone, during which the woman told the babysitter she was considering cutting her salary.

"My husband keeps saying that I'm overreacting, and the 'poor girl' couldn't handle having milk stains on her body and clothes. But I couldn't help but feel it was inappropriate, and she should've checked with me," the woman explained.

In the comments section, Reddit users could hardly hold back on their suspicions regarding the bizarre situation, with many crying foul and accusing the husband and babysitter of an affair.

"Um. You hired a babysitter. Your husband was at home when he was supposed to be working. The babysitter went to clean up. I'm seeing a potentially bigger problem here, OP," one user wrote.

"The issue is definitely not the shower. The issue is the husband potentially skipping work to hang around the babysitter," another commented.

"I think that's what is setting OP off. Just fire the babysitter and figure out if bigger problems are at play. There totally may not be, but it's kinda red flaggy," someone else chimed in.

"Why exactly was the babysitter there if the husband was home? Hmmm, couldn't she have gone home to shower and the husband watch his kids?" another questioned.

"I don't understand why you're more concerned about her taking a shower than the fact that your husband was home WITH her when he was supposed to be working…if he didn't end up working, why did he keep her there?" someone else asked.

"INFO: how long has your husband been having sex with the babysitter?" yet another reader probed, succinctly summing up the general consensus.

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