A New York fugitive was arrested at Disney World's Animal Kingdom after a United States Postal Service Inspector recognized him while on vacation himself.

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According to a report on Fox 29, 31-year-old Quashon Burton was visiting Disney World's Animal Kingdom when he was spotted by Jeff Andre, a United States Postal Service Inspector who had actually signed his arrest warrant. Burton had allegedly stolen four people's identities to acquire nearly $150,000 in government loans meant for businesses struggling during the pandemic. He was on the run for a year before being arrested at a Disney World bus stop.

Of all the bad luck in the world, this might be the worst of it all. Imagine successfully evading capture for a full year, deciding to take a trip to Disney World's Animal Kingdom to see some giraffes and elephants, and not only are you recognized by a law enforcement officer, but it's the United States Postal Service Inspector who signed your arrest warrant and just so happens to be vacationing at the same place at the same time.

If there was a Hall of Fame for people with bad luck, this guy wouldn't just be in it. He would have a Babe Ruth level display front and center as soon as visitors walk in. Whenever anybody else runs into a bit of bad luck, they'll say "well at least I didn't get arrested at Disney World's Animal Kingdom by the vacationing United States Postal Service Inspector who signed my arrest warrant after evading capture for a year."

A truly unbelievable coincidence.

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