For anyone who has ever had their plans change because a friend couldn't get away from a good page-turner, Bustle explains that there are ways in which readers just think differently.

  • Readers have more white brain matter meaning that they have a healthier brain than those who don't read. White brain matter is the stuff in the brain that carries nerve impulses between neurons.
  • Readers have more empathy than those who choose not to read. In works of fiction, they are able to experience more emotions and therefore display more of them in real life.
  • Readers have a longer attention span, think about it: a movie may take two hours, but reading the book based on the movie could take two days!

Reading also changes your brain because it is a skill that other species just do not have. Take advantage of all the good reading can do for you and pick up a book this afternoon!

(via Bustle)

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