When it comes to yoga you think of a bunch of people stretching I am meditating trying to relax. Now there's a new yoga craze that could give you the same results by doing the opposite. It's called Rage Yoga and it features swearing, shouting, and even drinking. According to Distractify, Lindsay Istace invented Rage Yoga. On her website she defines rage yoga as;

a practice involving breath work, positional exercises, and the expressing of raw emotions with the goal of attaining good health and to become zen as f*ck. More than just a practice, Rage Yoga is an attitude and a method of connecting you to your most Badass Self.

I actually tried yoga as a way of helping my back heal when I had back issues last year. I went to about four classes and I was able to do some of the moves, but most of the time I was the comedic relief for the class just trying not to fall over while attempting the flying pigeon or whatever the hell it was called.

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So instead of doing a downward dog on a yoga mat, or trying to stand on one leg while holding the heel of your other foot up to your crotch without falling over, this yoga lets you curse and scream and work out your frustrations that way, plus you can enjoy a beer when you're done.

Check out rage yoga here, it just might become all the rage soon.

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