The coronavirus pandemic has made life very different for us. All of a sudden we're told to keep away from others, wear face coverings everywhere we go and sharing food is an absolute no no. I had my mom over for dinner on Sunday and I served her because I didn't want too many hands touching a spoon. Experts say, that it's okay to start seeing your close friends and family, but you need to be careful because coronavirus is still around. When I think about having family over for the Fourth of July, I will put out a big hand sanitizer pump out and I want to minimize everyone touching the same things. I will most likely put food out cafeteria style. That way everyone can feel a little safer.

Fox News reports that there's a pizza paddle out there that might make people feel okay with sharing pizza again. It's called the Portion Padl, and it's basically a cutting board for pizza, but there's a border around it so that everyone can grab their slice of pizza without touching anyone else's. This could be great for going out with friends and getting some pizza.

It seems this product has been around for quite some time, however, the border is new. Check out the promotional video from 2010 below. It looks like it was first created for the purpose of cutting the perfect slice of pizza.

These wooden pans are a bit pricey, but for busy pizzerias, I feel like it would be a good investment. Everyone wants to feel safe while getting back to normal and this paddle looks like people can enjoy pizza again and out their mind at ease a little.

For more info or to purchase, click here.

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