Laundry is the bane of my existence which is why my husband is in charge of getting it done. Seriously, there's no household chore I detest more than the one which requires me to walk into my dark, dank basement (where I'm sure a monster lives).

While we do have more than one set of bed sheets, we also have a toddler. I think there's some sort of unwritten rule among tiny humans that when their parents make the bed with fresh sheets, they must do something to dirty them. And in the middle of the night. Or when one of the parents is feeling crummy.

Those who know me know how frugal I am, but there are times I wish that I could allow myself to spend frivolously on things like this just once- just for the experience. These bed sheets that can be peeled off and tossed in the recycle bin. No middle of the night hunting in the hall closet for a clean set of sheets. No treks into a scary basement to do wash. Just peel, reveal a new set of sheets, and toss the dirty ones.

Meet the AfreSHeet. The AfreSHeet is a 7-layer, peel-away fitted sheet. The sheets are recyclable and made from "cotton-like" materials and have a waterproof coating to preserve underneath layers. And the tagline? That might be the best part of the whole thing, "Just peel off the ew and sleep in the new!"

The reviews on Amazon are mixed and the product has a 3.7 star rating. Straightshooter didn't even buy the product, but already made up their mind they weren't into it, saying,

Do we really need something else that fills up overflowing landfills? I watched this get thoroughly tested on Shark Tank. One shark poked her finger right through it and said "no". Another couldn't blow air through it so judged it to be not breathable material. Nobody invested in it.  This is supposedly aimed at dorms. Is your date going to be impressed that you have disposable sheets? The pitchman threw it in a recycle bin. Really? Where is polyester realistically recyclable and how does that happen? Not.
Stick with comfortable fabric sheets and just launder them once in a while for chrissakes.  Straightshooter

On the other hand, some people really love these sheets, like this person,

Great sheets I use them in my dorm and makes life so much easier. Don’t have to change my sheets for a long time! Max Kuriloff 

If you've got some extra cash and you can't take another night of washing sheets in the middle of the night, this might be something you'd like to try out. I mean, we've all probably spent $35 on worse, right?

[via Amazon]

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