On Friday (April 20), not even a week after Weekend One of Beyonce's breathtaking Coachella performance, a Virginia State University freshman by the name of Briana Bundick-Kelly blew the internet away when she uploaded a video of herself absolutely killing some of the most challenging dance moves Queen Bey executed during her April 14 set.

On Tuesday (April 24), the teen, who aptly has dubbed herself "Briyonce," visited Ellen to show off her dance moves on an even bigger stage. And guess what? She nailed it, again.

Upon being introduced, Briyonce dove right into the routine with footage of #beychella playing behind her, and she executed the difficult moves flawlessly. After her spectacular performance, Ellen DeGeneres asked how long it took for her to learn the moves. “It took me like 40 minutes to get all the moves down, but then like an hour to perfect it,” she said. “'cause that’s what Beyonce would do."

To show her appreciation, DeGeneres gifted the viral teen with a custom bomber jacket and tickets to an upcoming Beyonce show. Who knows, maybe she'll get to dance with the Queen onstage? Or at least get a photo opp, like Selfie Kid did when he properly met Justin Timberlake.


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