Did you watch heralded 2007 American documentary series Hey Paula, which ran on television channel Bravo and on ITV2 in Britain and on Arena 105 in Australia? If not, here is the upshot: Hey Paula chronicled the trials of singer and dancer Paula Abdul, which included losing a job as choreographer of the Bratz dolls-inspired film Bratz and having lots of caffeine even though it was really late. Anyway, if you were a fan, you might be upset to learn Paula Abdul regrets most of Hey Paula.

On last night's episode of Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen challenged Paula Abdul to a game of Plead The Fifth, in which he asked:

"What is one thing from Hey Paula that you wish the cameras did not capture?"

Here is what Paula Abdul, coiner of "I'm tired of people not treating me like the gift that I am," had to say:

"Ninety-five percent," she admitted. "It's always a life lesson...Think twice before deciding to do a show called Hey, Paula."

Always do.

Old mistakes considered, Paula's on the upswing, and said during an additional WWHL segment that she might go on tour sometime soon. It all depends on one upcoming August gig in Hershey, Pennsylvania with New Kids on The Block and Boyz II Men.

"It could be [the start of a tour], if I have a really good time" Paula said. "I think I might."

Watch the WWHL segments above, and tell us if you'd venture out to see Paula on the road.

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