Every 30 days I can be found in the same exact place. Laying down on a gurney, donating blood. I've been a blood donor since I was old enough to give, but it took on a whole new meaning to me when my Dad's life depended on transfusions. The need for blood is desperate and what better way to share the meaning of the holidays- life and happiness- than by donating today?

Town of Owego Supervisor Donald Castellucci Jr. will be hosting his 22nd Annual Memorial Blood Drive in memory of his parents, Donald and Grace Castellucci Sr. today, Thursday, December 20th, at the Owego Elks Club at 222 Front Street in Owego from 1:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. If interested, it's recommended that you make an appointment by calling 800-redcross, but making an appointment is not a necessity.

Every year since his dad passed away on December 25th of 1997, Don has run a blood drive in his memory. In 2010, Don lost his mom to cancer as well and added her memory to the drive. Like my dad, both of Don's parents needed platelets to extend their lives.

In addition to walking away with the satisfaction of knowing you've done something to help another human being, you'll also walk away with a full belly because anyone who donates will be served a rigatoni and meatball dinner.

Don and his family ask that you consider bringing a food item for the Tioga County Rural Ministry. Cash donations in the Castellucci's memory will also be accepted and sent to the ministry, but neither the food donation or cash donation are required to donate blood.

[via Town of Owego Supervisor Donald Castellucci Jr.]