The Verge reports that GroupWatch has just launched on Disney Plus. You can watch on your phone or computer and once you log on, you invite your friends to come in and you can add up to six people. Once the invites are sent, there's an option to move to a smart tv. You can check out those instructions here. You can pause the movie if someone needs a potty break, and then resume the movie. The only thing is, these people have to be Disney Plus subscribers in order to be in the viewing party. Disney Plus will run you $12.99 for a subscription and you get Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus.

My husband's best friend is Nathan's Godfather and he gifted our son Disney Plus and it's amazing. Since my son is only 9 months old, I actually feel like it's more of a gift for me than him right now, but he still loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on it. It's really awesome and honestly I know a ton of people who are Disney Plus subscribers, so I know I'd be able to watch movies with a bunch of people. I know many people are still being cautious of the people they see being that we're still in a pandemic and I get it, so if you're missing your besties and miss watching movies with them, GroupWatch is here for ya.

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