Sister Act 3 was first announced for Disney+ way back in 2018, before the service ever actually debuted. Whoopi Goldberg confirmed her involvement in the movie in the fall of 2020, but two years later, we still have no new Sister Act to show for it.

Usually the kind of delay means a film is trapped in development hell, and likely never to escape. But Goldberg herself says the project is still alive and could be moving forward soon. In an interview with Collider she said that she is “waiting for the script at the end of the month” — i.e. October. So it’s just a matter of days before things could proceed.

The film is being produced by Tyler Perry; on a recent episode of The View, Goldberg said Disney, who produced the earlier Sister Act movies, was “lukewarm for the longest time” about making another film, claiming “nobody wanted to see it” — until Perry got involved:

The original Sister Act, which starred Goldberg as a lounge singer who disguises herself as a nun after she witnesses a murder, came out in 1992, and became one of the biggest comedy hits of the early 1990s. It was followed just one year later by a sequel: Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, which featured Goldberg and much of the original cast. The second film was less successful than the original, but still a reasonable hit.

Since then, there has been a Sister Act stage musical in London and on Broadway, and there’s been talk of a remake — but nothing ever came together. Goldberg did appear briefly in the Sister Act musical in a supporting role, and had been announced to reprise her lead role as Deloris in a new production in England in the summer of 2020, but the run got postponed due to Covid.

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