I'm not a BIG emoji user! I would definitely like to use them more often, but generally I forget to while in a conversation ahaha! But of course there are CONSTANTLY being new emojis added, generally because people complain!

And it is that time of year again to announce what the new emojis will be.... all 51 of them!! The new emojis won't be debuting until Summer 2017 so you have time to get used to them and not want to punch people for using them hahah!


Now I'm not listing all 51 because that is crazy!!! However, these were a few specifics one that caught my eye:

1. A UFO!

2. A woman breastfeeding

3. A shocked face with the head exploding

4. A face with the mouth open vomiting

5. A sandwich

6. Tyrannosaurus Rex!!!!

7. A piece of pie...

8. An orange heart... because apparently the blue, green, yellow, red, purple, and pink hearts aren't enough..?!

9. Mermaid & Merman!

10. Socks..

Yet with all these new emoji additions, it's a mystery why some emojis haven't already been created! Like there is no red-head emoji for iPhones... WHY?! Maybe because less than 2% of the world’s population was born with red hair, but so many people dye their hair red nowadays!!!

See PHOTOS of the new emojis!!!


[VIA: Unicode ]