According to an Upstate New York man, Unidentified Flying Objects don't like being discovered and might follow you if you notice them.

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According to a report by Roger Marsh on Newsbreak, a man in Ulster County noticed a diamond-shaped object flying slowing and hovering around a construction site. But when he tried to drive away, the UFO started following him for about 20 seconds before zipping off in the opposite direction.

He told Marsh "The craft appeared as a cross from a distance but once the craft was hovering above you could see it was almost a diamond shape with some type of either tail or nose. It has blue, red, and piercing white strobing lights that were difficult to look at and did not resemble any type of aircraft lights we had ever seen before."

So was it a UFO? My money is on a regular old drone. Maybe the people overseeing construction of the site wanted to get a bird's eye view or maybe a bunch of kids thought it would be a cool place to fly their drone around. But I can't imagine an alien civilization advanced enough to master interplanetary travel and remain hidden from detection would have any interest in a construction site in Ulster County, New York.

But who knows? Maybe the aliens just got here and don't know what they're looking for yet and the accidentally stumbled upon a random construction site. And according to the National UFO Reporting Center, there have been 5618 UFO reports filed from New York so maybe the aliens have a particular interest in our state. I'd say weirder things have happened but that probably wouldn't be true.

I'm still going to say the smart money is on drone, but I'll happily admit that I'm wrong if someone gets me a video of this "UFO."

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