Is your New York State license plate peeling? You're not alone if it is. Well say goodbye to those.

New York State plans on introducing new plates and they want your say in which design they choose.

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According to Governor Andrew Cuomo's office, you can go online now between now and September 2 and cast your vote. There are five different plates to choose from. The plate with the most votes will become the new official license plate of New York State in April of 2020.

Four of the five new license plate possibilities have the Statue of  Liberty on them. Including one with just her torch in the center.

Take a look at the plates up for vote below:

New NYS License Plate Design Options

My personal favorite New York State license plate is the old one with the Statue of Liberty right in the middle of it. My second favorite would probably be the one I have on my car now with the skyline on one side and Niagara Falls on the other.

Years ago, New York came out with the orange plates with blue writing that just said Empire State on them. As you well know a lot of those license plates have started peeling to the point where you can't read what the plate number is.

I just hope the new ones don't start peeling after a couple of years like the orange and blue ones have.

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