According to a report by Mirna Alsharif of NBC News, a New York man was fatally stabbed in a smoke shop dispute that began with the attacker not thanking the man for opening the door for him.

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According to the report, 37-year-old Joan Nunez opened the door to the smoke shop for 42-year-old Edwin Pedroza. When Pedroza didn't thank Nunez for opening the door, Nunez confronted him and a verbal altercation began. Soon after, the incident became physical.

The fighting reportedly made its way outside the smoke shop, at which point Pedroza allegedly took out a knife and stabbed Nunez in the abdomen and neck. Nunez was pronounced dead after being transported to the hospital and Pedroza fled the scene on an e-bike. Police later arrested Pedroza and charged him with manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon. It is not known what Nunez said during the verbal altercation that escalated the situation to that extent.

Just another instance of senseless violence for no reason. It really isn't difficult to thank somebody for being polite. Even if you don't mean it, just say "thank you" and move along with your day. That's just common courtesy.

And on the other hand, if somebody acts rudely towards you after you do something for them, the option to take the high road and move on always exists. There is simply no reason that somebody should die because of a lack of a "thank you" after they hold the door open for you.

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