When things get tough, people come together, and in this case, dance. A group of New Yorkers are going viral after spreading positivity and good vibes with their smooth moves.

Hudson Valley resident Veronica Mayhew posted a video of Officer Jessica Lynn and a 5-year-old boy named Neymar battling each other in a dance-off on Columbia Street in Hudson. In the video, they go back and forth, moving their feet, spinning and strutting to Michael Jackson's "Beat It."

By the end of the video, it's impossible to say who had the better moves, and Mayhew's laugh throughout the video only makes it that much better.

"If you wanted dinner and a show, come to Columbia Street," she said through her laughter in the video.

After the first video's success, more officers decided to join Neymar in the #DanceBattleChallenge, and Mayhew is now challenging other officers across the U.S. to show off their moves and spread some love.

"I’m happy WE could make you smile!" Mayhew posted. "I would love to challenge other officers to join in the #dancebattlechallenge this will probably build a lot of rapport in communities and will bring back some trust and know not ALL officers are bad, right now we need to start a new challenge during this stressful time!"

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Protesters have marched in cities across the country since the death of George Floyd, and this is not the first time dance has been a healer among New York communities. Protesters in Syracuse started a dance battle earlier this month after marching for hours.

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