Today is Halloween and you've got a million and one things you've got to get done before trick-or-treaters visit your home tonight.

You've got to get the kids up and off to school and then get yourself ready and get to work. You've got a meeting today and you know the boss is going to be all over you for one thing or another.

You've got a kid who needs to get to sports practice after school and another who needs to get to dance class. You've got dinner to make. You've got bills that have to be paid before the month is over, and today is the last day to get it done.

And then, just as soon as you sit down at the end of your long day, the bell is going to ring and you're to have to drag yourself out of the first chaos free moment of your day only to hand out candy to a kid who takes a really long time digging through the bowl, but walks away without anything and then there will be another kids who takes a piece of candy, but doesn't even say thank you.

It's easy to get frustrated, especially after having a chaotic day of your own, but what you might not know is that little kid standing at your door without a costume could be autistic or have a sensory issue which prevents them from being able to wear a costume. Maybe by the time that kid rings your doorbell every other person on your block has made a less than nice comment to the kid about them not wearing a costume. Before being the next person to say something, reminder it might not be their fault.

Remember that the kid who takes candy but doesn't say "trick-or-treat" or "thank you" might be non-verbal. And the kid who looks at your bowl and then turns away without picking out a piece? He might have an allergy and there might not be anything in the bowl that he's able to eat.

Before you let the frustrations of your day out on the little ones ringing your bell tonight, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you can be the person who makes a difference in that kid's life by being kind and patient.

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