We celebrated National Dog Day over the weekend by posting our lovable creatures to all social media outlets. I, for one, loved it.

National Today released a brand new survey about how much me love our dogs, and New York State did extremely well. That means we love pups!

New York State finished just behind California in the rankings! In NYS 86% of people love dogs. California finished just above NYS with 88% of people loving dogs.

National Today also released some other data:

  • 86% of dog owners say "I Love You" to their dog at least once a month
  • 73% of dog owners buy their dog a toy once a month
  • 68% of dog owners allow their dog to sleep with them once a month
  • 4 in 10 women prefer spending time with their dog over dating
  • 23% of men would rather spend time with their dog than go on a date

See the full dog lover rankings and additional insights at National Today's website.


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