I’ve lived in Binghamton for a little over 10 years and SO MUCH about downtown has changed since I got here.

For one thing, Little Venice and Lost Dog were among the very few restaurants open downtown. Now we’ve got a ton. And after a bit of a dry spell, I know of three opening this year. The speakeasy themed 205 Dry has now been open a couple of weeks.

On Monday, Craft opened its doors on Washington Street.

Craft is named for the beers on tap (24 in all) and the sliders you can mix and match for your meal.

(I always thought sliders were basically burgers--but they’ve got all kinds. Probably everyone else already knew that.)

When I asked one of the owners--who also opened Social on State--if they had the most beers on tap downtown, he told me that they ‘almost’ did. Turns out Colonial added a few more in the past few weeks so they could retain that title.

One thing I truly love about Craft is the taps themselves. Instead of the traditional pulls crafted by the beer companies, they’ve got 24 antique kitchen utensils specially modified so they could be used as levers for the beer--very cool.

This weekend will be their first serving food--they were open as a bar during Parade Day.

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