After taking a year off because of the coronavirus pandemic, we are so excited that Binghamton On Tap is back for the 7th year. We are going outside at a new location at the Broome County Fairgrounds in Whitney Point. Early Bird VIP and general admission tickets are on sale but they sell out fast so don't delay and get your tickets now.

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As we get ready for the return of this Binghamton tradition, we present "Crazy Laws About Alcohol." which are still on the books. Let's start in New York.

NY Crazy Law About Alcohol

In New York, it's illegal to use the word "saloon" in a bar's name. There is Davy's Last Chance Saloon in Chenango Forks but I have the feeling that Davy's doesn't really care.

I love the resourcefulness of New Yorkers. Michael O'Neil opened O'Neil's Saloon and the state liquor authority told him that he was breaking the law. He complied by changing the "S" into a "B" and changed the name to O'Neil's Baloon. I bet some people were surprised when they went into O'Neil's to get some birthday balloons for their child. Although I imagine that dad was pleasantly surprised.

Pa Crazy Laws About Alcohol

Ladies Nights are banned in Pennsylvania. Ladies' night became illegal after a lawsuit in which two men complained that women getting a free drink violates the public accommodation law.  It's also illegal in Wisconsin and California.

Also in Pennsylvania, you can't buy beer and wine in the same location. Six-packs are sold only by bars, cases by beer distributors, and wine at state monopoly stores. Therefore, it’s impossible to buy beer and wine at the same location.

No Santa Claus In Washington

Finally, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny can't promote alcohol in Washington D.C. Who needs the jolly fat man when you can watch our politicians just give everything away.

You can go here to see more weird alcohol laws throughout the U.S.

Binghamton On Tap Tickets

In the meantime, don't forget to save the date and get your early bird tickets to the biggest craft beer (along with hard cider) in Binghamton. Binghamton On Tap, September 18th at the Broome County Fairgrounds. That's right, we are going outdoors.

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