The eternal question — is it cake? — will be asked yet again.

Netflix successfully parlayed a social media phenomenon into a hit TV series when they debuted Is It Cake? earlier this year. The cooking competition series pitted a batch of talented bakers against one another to see who could create the most convincing cakes that looked like they were not cakes. Over the course of eight hours, the bakers would have to create some kind of baked treat that looked like a household item — bowling pins, purses, rubber duckies, other non-cake food items — and then trick a panel of judges with their creation.

The whole affair was hosted by Saturday Night Live’s Mikey Day, and with his sardonic attitude about the very idea of cakes that look like they’re not cake (not to mention his absolute cluelessness about baking in general) it became a very surreal and very amusing experience — and a nice companion piece to one of Netflix’s other signature competition series, Nailed It! My family watched all eight Is It Cake? episodes together and had a delightful time.

The results were popular enough to land in Netflix’s top ten shows for multiple weeks. And surely the show couldn’t be that expensive to produce; all you need is a studio, a host, some contestants, a big rotating stage for cakes, and a crapload of fondant. So it is not the least bit surprising that Netflix has renewed Is It Cake? for a second season. According to Variety, Day “is expected” to return as host, with a new batch of contestants, judges, and subjects for eerily lifelike cakes.

Look for it soon on Netflix. And before you ask, no: This blog post is not cake. Do not attempt to eat it.

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