Looking to spread some holiday cheer?  What better way to do it than to treat the people who are literally bringing gifts right to your door.

The delivery business isn't easy, and it's even more difficult around the holidays.  Hours get longer, there are more packages to carry, and in many areas, you have to do it through terrible weather.

That's probably why this Amazon delivery guy was so happy when one of the houses where he was delivering left out snacks to make his day a little bit better.

I mean, if someone is going to trudge through the snow for you to bring the things you want to buy right to your doorstep, a little snack and a drink is nothing right?

Ok...maybe "a little" better isn't quite enough to describe how this woman just changed his day. Did you see that happy dance on the way out?

What a great reaction for just a little effort on her part to say thank you to the people who are making her holidays a little easier.

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