I'll fight to the death that Monday is the worst day to grocery shop.

I grocery shop every week, I'm a normal functioning adult. But you know when I will never grocery shop? MONDAYS. I went grocery shopping one Monday in 2020 and I wanted to throw myself out the window of Shoprite. I firmly stand by my belief that Monday is the worst day to grocery shop.

You know why Mondays are the worst day to grocery shop? It's because everything is out of stock. Well, not everything, but a lot of things are. Especially things that are on sale. You wanted that salmon that was on sale for $5.99 a pound? Good luck, it's not going to be in stock until Tuesday at the earliest. Oh you were looking for the two-for-one deal on pasta sauce? GONE.

It's all gone because everyone gets the sales on the first day of the sale. Sundays are definitely busier but at least you have a full selection. Trust me on this, shopping at the grocery store on Mondays suck.

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