A devoted dad was trying to help his daughter and it infuriated his wife.

When his 12-year-old girl started her first period during an outing and the dad stepped in to offer support, the girl's mother felt left out.

The dad took to Reddit explaining they were out to lunch when he noticed a spot of blood on his kid's clothes and realized what had happened.

He explained he immediately covered her with his jacket and ensured the pre-teen "everything was going to be okay," he wrote via Reddit, according to the Mirror.

The dad noted he drove his daughter to a nearby supermarket to buy some sanitary products and a change of clothes.

He then took her to the restroom, explained how to use the pad and waited outside for her in case she needed him for any reason. The dad then took his daughter on a shopping trip to cheer her up.

Natracare via Unsplash
Natracare via Unsplash

When they got back home he texted his wife letting her know what had transpired, but she was furious as she felt her daughter didn't need her.

"I texted my wife and told her it was a big day for our daughter. When she left her meeting, she called and I told her what happened," he wrote. "She completely came unglued at me and said, 'Thanks for taking my place as a mother, I guess I’m not really needed.'"

The dad continued: "She soon walks in the door and says to our daughter, 'So I guess I don’t have to explain anything because your father took it upon himself to play mummy today.'"

The man tried to explain to his wife that he was just trying to be a good dad and help out his daughter, but she wasn't having it.

"She told me it wasn’t my place to do that, and I likely made her feel extremely uncomfortable," he continued. "I asked my wife what was the better alternative, just letting her walk around like that and freak out alone when she eventually had to use the restroom?"

"My wife says, 'Oh so you were just embarrassed by the red spot?' No. I didn’t want her to feel embarrassed," he added.

The baffled dad asked Reddit users if he "overstepped a boundary" and should have just waited for his wife to handle it.

Users were quick to reassure the loving dad that he did the right thing.

"Your wife could (should) have prepped your daughter for this — the talk, the period pack, the works. She didn't. You, sir, are who I hope and pray I am raising my boys to become," one person wrote, while another commented: "You acted very appropriately and your wife is just sad that she missed that milestone with your daughter."

"We need to normalize fathers being involved in this. It is wonderful that they have such a close relationship and the mother should be happy that her child and spouse are this close and comfortable with one another," a third wrote.

"You handled it wonderfully! The memories you created were fun, safe and you had her back," another user weighed in.

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