Wrecking ball? More like wrecking bong.

Miley Cyrus became the latest star to take the plunge on Carpool Karaoke Tuesday night (October 11) and admitted during her spot on The Late Late Show that she was toasted while shooting her infamous "Wrecking Ball" video.

James Corden peppered her with questions during a game of "high or not high" and she copped to being a "10" when he asked if she was lit up.

That wasn't the only eye-opening piece of info Cyrus dropped, though. She also admitted she's a bad driver. Actually, "bad" is just the PG way of phrasing how she described it, because we can't print what she actually said here. She then proved it by telling a story about a hit and run on the set of The Voice.

Elsewhere on the late-night TV circuit, Jimmy Kimmel continued his assault on Donald Trump by summoning the ghost of Frank Sinatra to recount a story about how Ol' Blue Eyes got into a fight with Trump back in 1990. The bit featured a foul-mouthed version of "Fly Me to the Moon," because we're guessing that's just how Sinatra would've delivered it.

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