Ariana Grande is no rookie when it comes to Halloween and spooky things. The pop star, who had a somewhat "goth" childhood, as described in her Elle cover story, loves all things macabre and dark—from her Harry Potter fan status to her penchant for going all-out for her Halloween costumes. However, one horror-themed escape room may have proven too much for the pop star to handle.

While filming her Carpool Karaoke segment over the summer with James Corden, the pair went to an intense escape room in Los Angeles, where Grande got so scared she literally fell over and hurt herself.

Though Grande (and Corden!) seemed to have plenty of frightful fun during their escape room jaunt — with the pop star even screaming, "You're a b---h!" at one of the actors following a creepy jump scare, and jumping into the TV personality's arms numerous times — the performer couldn't avoid getting a bit too caught up in the spine-tingling frenzy. (We should have seen this coming: Grande could barely do anything but swear and stumble her way through a haunted house for a segment on Ellen two years ago!)

As it turns out, this is how the Sweetener singer injured her wrist months ago: by getting so spooked by a ghoul that she tripped over herself and landed awkwardly on a hard floor.

"That was traumatic," Grande vented after the experience, her wrist wrapped tightly in a bandage. "I've done 300 escape rooms. That's not an escape room. That's one of the seven gates to hell."

Watch, below:

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