Maybe you've been with your partner for years and years, or maybe you haven't seen someone exclusive in a long time and are very much single; either way, have you ever thought that maybe you're not meant to get married? Bustle has a few signs you may want to keep in mind if you've thought about this before.

  • You have problems with compromise and you always like things to go your way. If you have gotten upset with your partner because you think they wash the dishes "the wrong way", maybe you don't like to compromise. Remember, if the dishes are clean, does it matter how they got that way?
  • Relationships seem like more trouble than they're worth, so if you actively avoid trying to commit to someone, maybe you're fiercely independent! There's nothing wrong with wanting your freedom.
  • You can't imagine your dream wedding, and maybe you never played pretend as a child and made your sister be the groom. There's nothing wrong with not wanting a big white dress and veil, or all eyes on you as you kiss someone and say "I do".
  • You have commitment issues which can stop a relationship in its' tracks. If you don't want to commit, be upfront with the person. No one can fault you for wanting to be single.

If you're not meant to walk down the aisle, that's perfectly okay! Some people don't believe in marriage, some people never get to that level of commitment with someone else, and some people don't want to even date at all. There's nothing wrong with any of that.

(via Bustle)

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