George Floyd's family and thousands of people are saying goodbye to George today in Houston.  You can watch here.

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Credit: WIVB

George Floyd was killed by police with the Minneapolis, Minnesota Police Department on May 25, 2020.  He was only 46-years old.  Former officer Derek Chauvin kept his knee on George's neck for almost nine minutes, even though George and witnesses were pleading for his life.  The other three former officers involved in his death did not stop Chauvin and actually allegedly contributed to George's death by applying their body-weight to his back.

Since George's murder, the four police officers were finally arrested, although it took quite a while. Chauvin's charges were upgraded to second-degree murder. Initially he was charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. The other three former officers were not initially charged, but after an independent prosecutor was brought in, they were charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder, according to NBC News. Protests have continued since George's death, with Americans of all races, sexual-orientations, ethnicities, ages and geographic locations stand up to say it's time for a change. People are demanding the end of racism and police abuse of power. Protesters all over the world are standing with the 'Black Lives Matter' movement.

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