All grandmas are wise, and we would be wise to listen to them. Bustle has taken some of their life advice, and you should read all the great advice that they have found.

  • Being single is a gift which is great advice when you're young, and interesting to learn from someone who has been married for as long as a grandmother tends to be. However, both of my grandfathers passed before their wives, so having to relearn how it is to be single can make one truly appreciate the art of living alone.
  • Be smart and that doesn't always mean be book smart, but also be street smart. Learn to take care of yourself in all aspects of your life. Learn things that you would never otherwise learn, like how to fly a plane or repair a car engine. You never know when you'll need those kinds of skills!
  • This too shall pass because anything that seems hard now, will not always seem that way. Life is fleeting and everything that feels like it will always affect you and hurt you will not always feel that way.

Grandmas are some of the greatest kinds of people, and they will always have some of the greatest advice that life will have to offer you.

(via Bustle)

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