Yesterday I wrote about a study that found the strangest town/city names in each state! Well today, there's a new study; the most lewd town/city names in each city!

Now the strange town name one I understand because people wanted the town to stand out in a  positive and interesting way. However, naming your town something extremely perverted would have a negative affect I feel.

But regardless there are a few perverted names in each state... and they're quite interesting! Here's just a few:

1. Rough and Ready, California.

2. Three Way, Arizona.

3. Lubers, Colorado.

4. Spread Eagle, Wisconsin.

5. Balltown, Iowa.

6. Intercourse, Pennsylvania

I think it would be so much fun to live in these towns because the people have to characters!! & there's always a good perverted joke on hand hahah!

Here's each states most perverted city/town names!

[VIA: Estately ]

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