If we think back to it, I'm sure we all have that one crazy teacher that comes to mind... the one who used unconventional teaching methods, playtime over drills, and truly made an impact on your life.And there were other teachers who were just too damn hopeless for their own good!

Well with that being said... a principal in Wisconsin principal was trying to be that positive, fun type of educator but failed miserably. Last week at Brodhead High School in Wisconsin, the principal came onto the loud speaker during the morning announcements. They told the school that four students had just DIED in a car accident.

Of course, kids started crying, some called their parents, many were traumatized! However, a few minutes later the principal got back on the loudspeaker and told everyone it wasn't true.... SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!


Apparently the entire thing was just a drill to send a message about safe driving and none of the four kids were in fact dead. They were just part of the entire charade and had stayed home from school that morning, however they were in no way allowed to tell their friends what was happening.

I understand their desire to scare kids straight, especially with how many texting and driving deaths there have been in the past few years. But faking someones death can be extremely traumatizing and the school had no idea what their students were going through. Maybe someones grandparent, parent, friend, family member just passed away and this brought on irreversible damage.

A representative from the school has said that the activity’s value will be reevaluated before it is repeated. “While we stand by the worthiness of the activity, we recognize the flaws with how it was communicated,” Brodhead School District Superintendent Leonard Lueck told The Washington Post.


[ VIA: Time ]

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