This Saturday is Leap Year Day, or otherwise known as Leap Day.

It happens once every four years, and if you are a salary employee you are getting screwed because of it.

If you get paid hourly, leap day doesn't affect you at all. However, if you are a salary employee you will end up working an extra day without compensation this year. Even though Leap Day itself is on a Saturday and you probably have it off, just having that extra day throws an extra week day into the calendar.

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As an example, last year there were 53 Tuesdays the way the calendar lined up. This year, because it's a leap year, there will be 53 Wednesdays and 53 Thursdays.

So if you are a salary employee, you will be working an extra day and not getting paid for it, and maybe not even knowing it.

According to YouGov, 59% of people they surveyed think salary employee should get an extra day's pay at some point during the year. I'm an on salary and I'd be fine with that, or just give us 8 additional hours of paid leave. That would work even better with golf season right around the corner.

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