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Kraft Removes 'Send Noods' Campaign Amid Backlash 

After Kraft launched their #SendNoods campaign, which allowed people to send a free box of mac 'n' cheese to loved ones during the pandemic, the company was met with lots of social media backlash. Some folks claimed it "sexualized" mac 'n' cheese, prompting the company to pull the plug on the campaign. (via People)

Shawn Mendes Announces In Wonder Doc

A new documentary meant to provide a portrait of Shawn Mendes' life and rise to stardom will be released globally on Netflix on November 23. We can't wait to watch! (via Just Jared)

11-Year-Old Boy Takes School Bus for Joy Ride

On Sunday, in Baton Rouge, an 11 year-old Baton Rouge boy was busted for taking local police on a 45 minute chase after figuring out how to start a school bus. After he hit three cars, taunted officers and finally crashed into a tree, he was arrested. Wild! (via TMZ)

Dads Spend Seven Hours a Year Hiding From Family

A recent survey found that dads spend around seven hours out of any given year hiding from their family members, usually in the bathroom. According to the survey, 23 percent of the fathers who responded even called their bathroom their "safe place." (via People)

Demi Lovato's Ex Is Very Much Not Over Her

Sources say Max Ehrich, Demi Lovato's ex, plans to release a song all about his relationship with the singer this Friday. The song is supposedly all about the night they met and his feelings for her. Sources say Ehrich has also not left Lovato alone since their split, and she's currently figuring out what legal action to take against him. (via TMZ)

LeBron James Gifts Daughter Playhouse Mansion 

LeBron James gave his 6-year-old daughter, Zuhri, a huge playhouse that's basically a mansion for her birthday. She's living out every little girl's dream! (via TMZ).

Stars Join Together to Encourage People to Vote

In a video released Tuesday (October 13), called "Your Voice, Your Power, Your Vote," major stars including Shakira, DJ Khaled, Camila Cabello and more come together to encourage fans to vote. (via Billboard)

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