Everyone has responded to this pandemic in a different way. This guy and a friend decided to get away from civilization by buying a ghost town with their life savings. As a bonus, they discovered their town really did have ghosts.

Brent Underwood and his friend Jon decided to leave Austin, Texas and relocate to a deserted area that had an abandoned ghost town near Death Valley. They purchased the land and this is their story.

As Brent shared about halfway through the video, one of the buildings is an old bunkhouse. One night he was walking nearby and looked and saw one of the shades in a window open then a face appeared. He didn't think anything of it at the time, but asked one of the managers how long the workers would be staying in the bunkhouse thinking he had seen one of them in the window. His manager said that the crews had left two weeks prior and there was no one in the building.

The funny think is that he had said in a TV interview that same day that he didn't believe in ghosts so he put a padlock on the bunkhouse door to prevent anyone from going in there in the future. The next day he noticed that the light in the bunkhouse kitchen was on again. Weird.

If you'd like to follow Brent and Jon's work on this ghost town, you can check them out on Instagram or subscribe to them on YouTube. It's quite an adventure to leave the world of a pandemic and seek refuge in your own ghost town.

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