Most of us are well aware how cold and snowy it can get here (unfortunately!) .. And if you have pets that can be a big problem when trying to take them outside to do their business! There are many different things we can buy our pets to keep them warm (jackets, booties, etc.), but it’s important to know your dogs body and why/where they’re cold!!

I do put Lola in jackets and sweaters because she will literally just shake and not move depending on how cold out it is. Also after reading this article, I am considering buying her little dog boots to keep her paws safe and warm!

Yes I do know how cute she is hahah! Now I wanted to know what parts of her body get cold the most, because dogs are not programed the same way as us. For example, if they get snow in between their toes, it is actually very excruciating for them!

Jackie Nutt
Jackie Nutt

So I did some research and found a few things you NEED to be doing for/to your dog in the winter to make sure they stay safe & warm, & here they are!!!:

Groom on the regular: Grooming your dog in winter is very important because their winter coats cannot grow or protect them properly if there is a mass fur clump stuck in their coat. Bathing should be done as little as possible in winter. Dogs that require having their hair cut should be allowed to keep their coat a little longer for better insulation.

More or less energy??: There is a small debate surrounding the idea of whether dogs use more energy in winter and less. The theories behind these conclusions are that in winter dogs sleep more, hence use less energy. Or they use more energy to keep warm and insulated. Either way a change in diet is required, either less or more food. The suggestion would be that you watch your dog for weight gain or weight loss and adjust their diet accordingly.

Jack Frost can get your doggy: Frost can be a big problem for your dog. It can and will affect your dog’s paws, ears and the tips of their tails if given the chance. Signs to watch out for are firm and waxy skin and / or blisters.

Anti-Freeze?!: You wouldn’t think it but anti-freeze actually tastes sweet to your dog and they love it. You may now be wondering how on earth my dog will drink anti-freeze, its kept in a bottle and only poured into my car radiator. The answer is that radiators leak and can leave a puddle of usually water, but in winter both water and anti-freeze laying on the ground. This can be deadly to your dog if they drink it.

Salt in the wound: Typically salt is used to dissolve snow/ice and prevent us slipping. This salt mixture is extremely harsh on a dogs paws and can cause cuts, irritation and infection. If your dog won’t wear boots or you want a different option you could use petroleum jelly. Rubbing this on your dogs paws before a walk will provide a barrier between your dogs paw and the salt.

Need more than a fire: You may think that with the fire lit or the radiators / heaters on your dog will have ample warmth. This however is not the case and just as sometimes we still feel the need for the extra warmth of a blanket or throw so will your dog.

I know it may seem like an after thought to wonder about your dogs make-up, or why they act they do in the winter..; but knowing all this information is very helpful! I at least feel more confident in knowing what Lola needs/wants!

& now I’m going to buy her booties hahah!!


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