In what is arguably the most Kanye West move ever, the rapper is officially using one of his own tweets as a defense against the class-action lawsuit launched against him. The lawsuit was filed in late 2016 by fans who argue that West broke his promise to keep his album The Life of Pablo exclusive only to the Tidal streaming service. The case also argues that the promise of exclusivity brought Tidal an estimated $84 million in revenue from fans' "personal information."

West hotly contests the claim that he ever broke a promise, arguing that the original February 2016 version of the album is and always has been a Tidal exclusive. He claims his "living breathing changing creative expression" description, used in his tweet announcing an updated version of the Pablo track "Wolves," allows him to share new and updated versions of the album without legally violating any exclusive contracts.

West has demanded that the case be dismissed. The album, which was the first streaming-only released to be certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America and was nominated for several 2016 Grammy Awards, changed forever the way the traditional LP format will be looked at in the era of streaming-dominant listening.

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