Are you ready for snow? If you ski, snowboard, or just like watching the snow fall, this is your time of the year.

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And our little part of the country is the perfect place to experience snow events...well, normally anyway.

Every year, a website called Golden Snowball tracks the snowfall totals of five cities in New York State - Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, and yes, Binghamton. In a normal year, Syracuse usually wins the award for the most snowfall, but you remember that year we topped four feet? Well, Binghamton won that year.

Funny thing, as of November 9th, Golden Snowball lists Binghamton in first place for the 2023-2024 season, albeit our total snowfall is a mere 0.7 inches. Syracuse comes in second with 0.4 inches, followed by Buffalo at 0.3 inches, Rochester at 0.2, and Albany with nothing but a goose egg. That will change soon enough.

So, how do New York cities compare nationwide when it comes to the snowiest cities in the U.S.A.? Let's take a look. The Redfin website ranked cities with a population of 75,000 or more, across the country as the snowiest. They came to these rankings as such:

For our purposes of determining the “snowiest” cities, this list will focus on cities that receive the highest average seasonal snowfall. Some cities may see more days with measurable snowfall but lower average totals, so we won’t include them. Additionally, this list will focus on the highest seasonal snowfall totals, not annual. -

Three New York State cities made the Redfin list of the top 10 snowiest cities in the U.S.A. If Binghamton met the population requirement, I bet we would have made the top 10 list. Nevertheless, here are the New York cities  that did make the list:

#4 - Buffalo

The Queen City averages 95.4 inches of snow says Redfin. You would think it would be higher. Well, the record seasonal snowfall was 199.4 inches. That is a lot of snow.

Buffalo Snow
John Normile / Stringer / Getty Images

#3 - Rochester

The Flower City has an average seasonal snowfall of 102 inches according to Redfin.

Another Winter Storm Bears Down On Northeast
Guy Solimano / Stringer / Getty Images

#1 - Syracuse

Redfin lists the Salt City with an average seasonal snowfall of 127.8 inches and says Syracuse is also the rainiest in the country.

Photo by Joshua Ramsdell on Unsplash

FYI - The #2 snowiest city in the U.S.A. is Erie, Pennsylvania with an average of 104.3 inches of snowfall, and #5 belongs to Duluth, Minnesota with 90.2 inches each year according to Redfin.

For the complete list, visit the Redfin article.

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